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Dream Tower

Construction Works for Dream Tower are about to begin

Only a few months into the new year, Property Gallery and HKCY Hotels are ready to proceed with the construction works of new development project Dream Tower, currently finalizing the overall resurgence plan. Lyra Amvrosidou, CEO of Property Gallery, confirms that Dream Tower is, indeed, a sophisticated architectural project, which already obtains its planning permit; a reality that offers an…

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Dream Tower Cyprus

PROPERTY GALLERY announce pre-sales commencement for Dream Tower

As the preparations for the construction works of the newly announced project in Limassol, Dream Tower are already in progress, Property Gallery Holdings Ltd and HKCY Hotels LTD officially announced the commencement of the project’s pre-sales. Dream Tower is the sophisticated architectural project of the developmental consortium between Property Gallery Holdings Ltd and HKCY Hotels Ltd, which has already obtained…

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Dream Tower Cyprus

Dream Tower: new residential development in Limassol

Dream Tower is a new residential development in Limassol, that has already obtained its planning permit with construction works commencing before the end of the year. Property Gallery Holdings Ltd announces its official collaboration with HKCY Hotels Ltd in creating Dream Tower, a new sophisticated architectural jewel for the city of Limassol and Cyprus in general. Dream Tower is a…

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European union

European Citizenship through Investment granted within 6 months

If you are wealthy and you want your whole family to be able to travel, live, work and study in Europe freely and without limitations, Cyprus offers the “Citizenship through Investment” program, which allows you to obtain European Citizenship and Passport. Cyprus’ programme is extremely competitive, as it allows you to invest €2 million in Real Estate and obtain the…

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